The dynamics surrounding natural gas in PA have changed dramatically over the past 10 years.  On June 22, 1999, the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was signed into law. As a result of this law, all Pennsylvania natural gas consumers can now choose who supplies their natural gas. Deregulated, third-party suppliers such as UGI EnergyLink have given consumers the freedom to shop around for the rate and service they want—instead of being bound by the local utility. Let’s take a look at the overall advantages of deregulating natural gas in PA, and why you’ll want to select UGI EnergyLink as your natural gas provider.

Deregulation of Natural Gas in PA Gives Pennsylvanians More Choices

The driving principle behind the deregulation of natural gas in PA is that it provides consumers more choices and creates competition between suppliers. This competition drives natural gas prices down while fostering innovation. Retail natural gas means that you, the consumer, can enjoy the freedom and ability to purchase your natural gas from a company that best suits your needs. Delivering the best options, pricing plans, convenience and flexibility are very important considerations when choosing a natural gas company in Pennsylvania. The deregulation of natural gas in PA puts the power of choice in your hands.

With the competition created by deregulation, deregulated gas suppliers tend not to charge excessive rates since consumers can simply switch suppliers. The actual amount of money you can expect to save on natural gas depends on a number of factors:

  • The natural gas supplier you select
  • The amount of natural gas you use
  • The market price of natural gas in the future
  • The amount of processing that has been done to prepare the gas for the buyer
  • The amount of transportation required to deliver the gas to the buyer

It’s important to note that like some other natural gas companies in PA, UGI EnergyLink only buys your natural gas. Your local utility continues to own, operate, and maintain the natural gas distribution system in your neighborhood. This is the reality of natural gas deregulation in PA.

UGI EnergyLink is a Leading Natural Gas Company in PA

Deregulation of natural gas in PA provides consumers with a wealth of choices when it comes to selecting a supplier that suits their needs and wants. With more choices, however, there may come more confusion as to which deregulated supplier to select. The selection is simple—UGI EnergyLink.

As one of the largest and most well-reputed natural gas companies in PA, UGI EnergyLink can take advantage of market opportunities unavailable to tightly regulated utility companies. As a result, we have great natural gas rates you can choose from. You have the option to lock in one constant rate, which can create peace of mind when it comes to your energy bill. If you lock your rate when prices are lower, (like now in November before winter starts) it can help you avoid seasonal spikes and better manage your annual energy costs. If you so prefer, UGI EnergyLink also offers variable rate plans for natural gas in PA. Variable rates have the potential to rise or fall depending on market conditions—so good conditions cause even better prices! Your own preference may determine whether a fixed rate plan or a variable rate plan is most appropriate and beneficial to you.

UGI EnergyLink is proud to be one of the natural gas companies in PA that has a proven record of saving our customers money. Make UGI EnergyLink your utility provider today! It’s quick and easy to sign up. All it takes is filling out an enrollment form on our website. It’s time for you to take advantage of the great options available to you as a result of the deregulation of natural gas in PA.