How much do you know about your PA natural gas? Probably not too much – just that it comes into your home to power some of your appliances. For instance, when you turn on your natural gas stove, you expect your natural gas service to supply you with the fuel you need to cook your food. But there is actually a lot more that goes into your natural gas in PA – much more than you would expect!

Do you know where your natural gas in PA comes from?

Where does your natural gas come from? Look under your feet! Natural gas is organically derived from underground deposits right here in the United States. That’s right, this is a fuel we don’t get from a foreign country! In fact, according to the CIA, the United States produced the most natural gas in 2010, followed by Russia and the European Union. Unlike oil, which we depend on foreign countries for, your natural gas in PA comes from right here at home!

Do you know how your natural gas in PA gets to your home?

Natural gas is moved through a nationwide system of underground pipelines. Unlike with other fuel sources, you’ll never see big trucks carrying natural gas! The pipeline system is quite extensive, covering 8,690 miles in Pennsylvania alone according to the US Energy Information Administration. This is higher than most states in the Northeast. Your natural gas in PA moves toward your home by the use of pressure, which is added at various compressor stations along its route. And eventually it arrives at its final destination – your home!

Did you know you can choose who supplies your natural gas in PA?

Before natural gas deregulation, you did not have the ability to choose your natural gas supplier. Since there was no competition, prices were higher and if you wanted to use natural gas you were forced to pay the high price for it. Now that natural gas deregulation has occurred, you gain the ability to choose your supplier. And now that there is some market competition, that also means lower prices for you! You can still get the same high quality natural gas you’re used to, only now you can make the choice to pay less for it!

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