Heating season has just begun in the Keystone State, and as Pennsylvanians wrap up the winter holidays, high amounts of foot traffic in and out of an office, storefront, or warehouse typically means higher utility bills as well. So, how do you heat your business? Do you choose natural gas—a highly reliable, affordable fuel source—or do you choose oil or propane, which are less energy efficient than natural gas?

Natural Gas, Oil, or Propane?

When comparing natural gas to oil and propane, there is little comparison. Natural gas is:

Cleaner for the environment. Natural gas produces less greenhouse gases than oil and is the cleanest burning fossil fuel.

Abundant in supply. Did you know that natural gas is produced domestically and is found right here in Pennsylvania? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States has approximately 2,214 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas. Based on the 2013 annual natural gas consumption rate—26 Tcf per year—the United States has enough natural gas to last 85 years.

Cheaper than oil and propane. Since natural gas is produced domestically, there are no importation taxes to consider when natural gas providers—like UGI EnergyLink—set prices. While oil prices rely on foreign importation, propane prices tend to spike during the peak of heating season. Take a look at the forecasted prices of heating fuel from the EIA from October 2014 to March 2015.

Convenient and reliable. Unlike oil and propane, which are stored in above ground or underground tanks and must be refilled before you run out, natural gas is delivered to your office or storefront directly from your provider via natural gas pipelines. Natural gas can even be used when the power is out, so your commercial property will stay warm no matter what.

Energy efficient. Natural gas is approximately 92 percent energy efficient, meaning for every 100 units of energy consumed, approximately 90 percent is directly converted into energy. Compared to oil (85 – 86 percent) and propane (roughly 90 percent), natural gas is more energy efficient.

Convert to Commercial Natural Gas from UGI EnergyLink

The EIA estimates commercial natural gas prices in the U.S. to average $3.98/million British thermal units (MMBtu) this winter, compared to an average price of $4.53/MMBtu last winter. When choosing between natural gas, oil, or propane to fuel your business this winter—consider the reliability, convenience, and affordable of natural gas. At UGI EnergyLink, we offer four unique commercial natural gas pricing options, including:

Fixed Pricing

Lock in price certainty for periods ranging from a few months to more than a year with a fixed pricing option from UGI EnergyLink.

Monthly Pricing

With a monthly pricing option from UGI EnergyLink you’ll have some price certainty while benefiting from month-over-month market conditions.

Triggered Pricing

Your UGI EnergyLink representative will work closely with you to take advantage of NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers at the most attractive pricing for your business.

Fuel Switching for Savings

Take advantage of multiple fuel sources—like propane or oil—to maximize your purchasing power. Switch between natural gas, heating oil, or propane, depending on existing market conditions.


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