As an industry-leader in energy solutions, the experts at UGI EnergyLink encounter many common questions about natural gas. But one of the most common has to be “is natural gas reliable?”. And it’s a fair concern. In modern homes, uninterrupted access to power is absolutely critical, and a homeowner must be certain they have what they need at all times. Fortunately, the answer to this question is as easy as they come.

Is Natural Gas Reliable?

Absolutely. In fact, not only is it reliable, it is one of the most reliable fuels available. How so? It primarily pertains to availability.

Storms Are of No Concern

Unlike fuel sources like electricity, your gas service is in no way affected by outages that are common to storms and other natural or man-made incidents. This means that no matter what nature or occasion throws at your home, you always have access to a reliable, cost-effective, and powerful energy solution.

Interruptions Are Exceedingly Rare

Because gas lines run well underground, they are rarely interrupted by anything at all. Barring the very uncommon city or utility maintenance, gas lines remain unaffected by the majority of goings on. And on the odd chance that gas lines do need service, homeowners and business owners within the area are notified in advance; a luxury propane or electricity cannot provide.

Natural Gas Is Readily Available

Natural gas is one of the most readily available and widely produced fuels in the United States, and is abundant. Your needs are well provided for, and will never run against hiking costs or scarcity. This makes gas not only reliable as a fuel source, but reliable in its cost, as well.

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