Do you own or manage a retail store in Pennsylvania? Increased shipping costs, wages, and merchandise mixed with a slow season or bad winter storms can do a number on your budgeted expenses. But there is something you can control that directly impacts your bottom line: your energy costs. As a commercial business owner in Pennsylvania, your storefront operates in a deregulated market when it comes to commercial natural gas. That means you have a choice for your natural gas supplier and the pricing rate.

UGI EnergyLink has been providing natural gas services to retail stores throughout Pennsylvania and the East Coast for more than 127 years. Keep reading to learn more about controlling your shop’s energy costs or call us today to enroll!

Managing Energy Costs in Retail Buildings

Retail buildings in the United States spend 14 cents per square foot on natural gas, and lighting, cooling, and heating represent 69 – 84 percent of total energy use. While this is a substantial amount of your energy costs during your year round operation, there are some measures you can take to minimize those expenses this winter:

  • Turn the temperature down in the winter – by setting your thermostat even a few degrees lower, you can save on your energy bills. As a natural gas customer, you pay by how much fuel you consume in a billing cycle. The less your HVAC system needs to run to keep your building warm, the less natural gas you consume, and the lower your utility bill should be. You can set the temperature even lower during non-business hours…no need to waste energy in an empty store!
  • Use natural heat to your advantage – the sun produces heat that can keep your storefront warmer even when the temperature is set lower. Depending on which direction your building faces, keep windows free from blinds or curtains when the sun is brightest and take advantage of that solar heat!
  • Have your heating system inspected and maintained – you should consider an HVAC system service maintenance agreement. Whether you have a rooftop heating system, heat pump, or traditional gas furnace, regular inspection can help ensure that the equipment is operating efficiently and will make it through the winter without a breakdown. Learn more about UGI EnergyLink’s HVAC protection plans »
  • Choose an affordable natural gas provider – the rate at which you pay for your natural gas usage will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. Even saving a few pennies on your rate can save you hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in the long run. That could mean more stock available for the holiday rush, a raise for your best performing sales associate, or a revamping of your digital signage and branding.

Commercial Natural Gas Pricing Options for Retail Stores

In a deregulated energy market, not only do you have the choice of which natural gas supplier you do business with, you also have a choice of which pricing plan you choose. At UGI EnergyLink, we offer four options for our retail store business owners and commercial customers:

  • Fixed Price – achieve price certainty for periods that range from several months to more than a year by locking in a fixed price. It’s an ideal option that can help you manage your energy budgeting more easily.
  • Monthly Price – buying at a monthly price gives you some certainty on energy costs while allowing monthly flexibility to take advantage of variable market conditions.
  • Triggered Price – your UGI EnergyLink representative will help you control commodity prices by recommending NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) triggers at the most attractive pricing levels for your business.
  • Fuel Switching for Savings – depending on market conditions, you may be able to use varied fuel choices to maximize your purchasing power. We can switch deliveries among natural gas, fuel oil, or propane, based on your preferences, to take advantage of product price differentials at any particular time.

Not sure which pricing option is best for your shop? Call UGI EnergyLink today—we can help you analyze your energy buying habits and trends to determine which will be best for your business…and your bottom line.

Why Switch to UGI EnergyLink?

When your company takes advantage of what UGI EnergyLink has to offer, you’ll receive:

  • A customized approach that best meets your company’s needs
  • Transparent pricing—no surprises or hidden fees
  • Predictability with your monthly energy bills
  • Answers to your questions from professionals you can trust
  • Customer support from a company that has been serving the area for more than 127 years

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