Natural gas has a wide variety of uses both inside and out of your home or small business. This natural fuel source, created deep within the Earth, is a popular fuel choice for homeowners and industry alike. The nearly unlimited uses make natural gas one of the most versatile forms of energy available. You probably see something that runs on or uses natural gas every day without even knowing it!

Learn more about natural gas applications and you might be surprised about what uses natural gas!

Natural Gas Uses: Residential

Natural gas has a great number of applications in your home. In addition to heating your home, a use you are probably familiar with, natural gas can also be used to heat your:

  • Oven
  • Fireplace
  • Dryer
  • Grill
  • Hot tub
  • And more!

Many people only use gas-powered stoves because they feel food cooks faster and more evenly. Gas-heated appliances also tend to last longer and cost less to run.

As more people see the many natural gas uses, more and more homes are being built that have this fuel type. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2010 out of the 496,000 single family homes built in the United States, 268,000 will use natural gas heating. Electricity only accounts for the fuel source in 216,000 homes. Single-family homes built to use natural gas heating have outnumbered those built to use electricity heating consistently since 1986. As you can see, home builders are responding to the new homebuyers that appreciate the uses of natural gas and want to have it in their homes. In fact, many people are finding if their home uses natural gas it stands out from other comparable houses for sale.

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Natural Gas Uses: Commercial

Many owners of commercial buildings are aware of the many natural gas uses and also have it as a heating source for their property. But natural gas actually does more than just heating. It is an important ingredient in a lot of products you probably use every day such as plastic and antifreeze among other things. Important compounds like propane can also be extracted from natural gas, making the list of natural gas uses even longer!

Vehicles are another one of the natural gas uses. You’ve probably heard of cars that run on electricity, but what about natural gas? Public bus systems in several cities now have a few buses that run on natural gas. Since cars powered by natural gas produce far fewer amounts of greenhouse gases and other harmful emissions, they are much better for the environment. Soon there will be a car for the average consumer that runs on natural gas. The 2012 Honda Civic is available in a natural gas model. With an estimated 38mpg on the highway, this is an extremely fuel efficient car. It uses absolutely no gasoline so you’ll save money. You can add fuel to your car at one of the many compressed natural gas stations across the country.

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Natural Gas Uses: Home Heating from UGI EnergyLink

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