Is your North Carolina small business looking to save a little money as you close out the year? Your bottom line and 2013 net income are important for forecasting next year, ending the year on a good note, and maybe even giving a holiday bonus to some of your employees. So how can you cut some cost and increase your company’s profit?

Your heating costs are one way you can do that—is your building currently using the more energy efficient and affordable heating fuel choice? While many companies flip flop between natural gas, oil, and propane as their heating choice, at UGI EnergyLink we think the choice is really simple!

When comparing natural gas to propane and oil, natural gas is:

  • The cleanest fossil fuel – generating fewer greenhouse gases than coal or oil
  • Domestically abundant – not relying on international relations for importation like oil
  • Reliable – delivered directly to your building through pipelines so there is no disruption in service

What Areas Does UGI EnergyLink Serve in NC?

UGI EnergyLink is the gas supplier for many small companies throughout North Carolina which have Piedmont Natural Gas or PSNC Energy as their local gas utility. We can help a wide variety of small-sized organizations save money on their natural gas bills each month.

Are you eligible for UGI EnergyLink natural gas services? Find out more below:

Piedmont Natural Gas Company

Piedmont Natural Gas provides natural gas to more than one million residential and commercial customers throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee for over 50 years.

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PSNC Energy

PSNC Energy delivers clean, efficient natural gas to many businesses through the Tar Heel State. It distributes and transports natural gas to almost half a million customers throughout 28 counties.

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Why Choose UGI EnergyLink In North Carolina?

In 1985, UGI EnergyLink was one of the first to sell natural gas in the deregulated marketplace and is now a major regional retail supplier of natural gas throughout the East Coast. North Carolina began deregulating its energy—including natural gas—in the mid-to-late 1990s.

Since then, our company has been around providing customer service and affordable pricing to states along the East Coast. When you choose UGI EnergyLink as your commercial natural gas provider, you’ll benefit from:

  • A customized approach that best meets your company’s needs
  • Transparent pricing – no surprises or hidden fees
  • Predictable impact of heating pricing on your budget
  • Answers to all your questions from professionals you can trust (call us today at 1-800-797-0712800-797-0712!)

As UGI EnergyLink continues to grow, we will deliver even more value and reliability to the small businesses and organizations we serve in NC—tailoring energy-purchasing programs to fit the requirements of large industries, small businesses, and every organization in between.

Discover how we can help you make smart decisions for company as your start closing the books of 2013 and plan for next year. Fill out our simple enrollment form for commercial businesses today »