Year after year, natural gas continues to grow as the choice energy supply for commercial businesses. As extraction methods continue to advance, natural gas resources remain abundant, making for stable prices and consistent service.

What’s holding you back from switching your company’s energy to natural gas? Stop delaying! The benefits are clear.

Price Stability

The price of oil is an inconsistent bill; cost fluctuates drastically due to unpredictable factors like resource availability. With natural gas, there is peace of mind over the cost of your company’s heating bill. Because it’s sourced domestically, there are fewer complications that lead to increased prices. This, along with abundance and ease of harvesting, keeps prices stable. Choosing to switch now puts your company in a steady financial position, getting ahead of the game of drastic increases in oil price.

Domestic Advantage

Currently, over 90 percent of the natural gas used in the United States comes from the United States. Without the hassle of foreign negotiations and transports, there is a comfort of consistency. You won’t have to worry about international relations impacting your energy supply when your source is inside your borders.

Improved Reputation

Consumers want more than just quality products from the companies they work with. Being a good global citizen is a value that many people expect for themselves and those they work with and buy from. By choosing an environmentally friendly energy source like natural gas, you not only decrease your carbon footprint, but also show the world that you’re doing your part to keep the planet healthy.


Did you know you can get money back just for switching your energy source? UGI offers a variety of rebates for using natural gas in your company. Install an ENERGY STAR Certified commercial boiler in your building and receive a $2,000 rebate, plus an additional $2/MBH. There are also government rebates that you may be eligible for just from switching to environmentally friendly energy methods. So, now you have money saved on costs and money placed directly in your hand.


Talking about the benefits is great, but making them a reality is even better. Choosing to use natural gas will save you money, improve your energy efficiency, help the environment, and leave you with less worry—what more could you need?

Are you ready?

UGI EnergyLink is one of Pennsylvania’s largest natural gas providers, serving commercial businesses from Allentown to Pittsburgh and everywhere in between. Our fixed and variable rate programs are designed to help you save over time, making sure your building warm at an affordable price. Call us today at 1-800-427-8545 or check out our Commercial Energy page to make the switch to natural gas.