As we say goodbye to the summertime and approach the colder months ahead, you’ll want to ensure that the feeling inside your Pennsylvania home is as comfortable as possible. This is precisely why you should consider taking advantage of UGI EnergyLink’s PA natural gas services.

There are several reasons you should transition to UGI EnergyLink’s home natural gas in PA, especially if you want to create a more intimate, welcoming and inviting atmosphere inside your living space. After all, your home is where you come to relax after a stressful, hectic and demanding day at work. It is also where you host social gatherings with friends, family and loved ones. The overall feeling inside your home makes a major impact on your mood, as well as the mood of your guests.

Let’s take a look at the different ways our PA natural gas service can help transform your home into a more soothing and comfortable environment, which will make a positive difference as we head toward colder weather.

Natural Gas Produces Warmer Heat

One of the biggest reasons Pennsylvanian homeowners favor natural gas over other energy sources is that natural gas produces heat that is between 25 and 35 degrees warmer than other heating sources. This ensures that homeowners and their families will stay warm even during the coldest phases of the winter. Natural gas furnaces also boast a longer operational life and require less maintenance than other heating mechanisms. Not only do you get to enjoy warmer heat as a result of UGI EnergyLink’s PA natural gas service, you’ll be less burdened with maintenance issues, which can help you save money.

Natural Gas Allows For More Evenly Distributed Heat

Pennsylvanian homeowners should not have to deal with hot and cold spots throughout their homes that are a result of unevenly distributed heat. This creates additional costs on their energy bills. PA natural gas services will help deliver more evenly distributed heat throughout your home, which will create a more comfortable atmosphere. In comparison to other energy sources, heat produced by a natural gas furnace is far more evenly distributed throughout a home. Do you happen to have a favorite spot or room in your home? You don’t want this spot to be cold all winter long. You’ll want to transition to natural gas so that heat is evenly distributed.

Taking advantage of UGI EnergyLink’s PA natural gas is simply the logical choice if you want to enjoy a snug living space while saving significant money on your energy bills. You’ll enjoy coming home after a stressful day at work on a cold day, and you’ll love hosting wintertime parties in any room in your house, since heat will be evenly spread out.

Why Select UGI EnergyLink’s PA natural gas?

Opting for PA natural gas will help improve life in your home this winter by producing warmer heat and heat that is more evenly distributed. Now, why should you select UGI EnergyLink’s PA natural gas service? The answer is simple. We allow you to lock in a low fixed price that won’t fluctuate with the seasons. Locking in a low rate when prices are lower, like before winter starts, will also help you avoid seasonal spikes and better manage your annual energy costs.

Enjoy a more soothing living space this winter and have peace of mind knowing that your energy bill won’t fluctuate with UGI EnergyLink. Switching from your current energy source is easy – for most people all it takes is filling out an enrollment form on our website.