Are you planning a Fourth of July party at your Pennsylvania home? By now, you’ve probably got a few things figured out, like what kind of food you will serve and what activities will be available for guests. But you probably haven’t considered how your Pennsylvania home natural gas can add to your party. There are lots of outdoor appliances that can make or break a party, and many are powered by natural gas. Check out some of the places your home natural gas can add to your party!

Natural Gas Grill

The grill is the most important part of any cookout. After all, what’s a party without great food? A natural gas grill is preferred by many for outdoor cooking as it tends to cook food more quickly and evenly. Plus, you can have your grill hooked right up to your home natural gas line for a constant supply. No refilling necessary!

Natural gas grills come in many different models from many different manufacturers – don’t think you have to settle for a sub-par unit to use natural gas! You can get a natural gas grill from names like Char-Broil, Napoleon, Weber, and more. Plus, they are carried by many national stores so it’s simple to find one wherever you live in Pennsylvania. It’s easy to use your home natural gas to its full potential with a grill!

Natural Gas Fireplace

Especially in the Northern areas of the state, temperatures can drop pretty drastically when the sun goes down. An outdoor natural gas fireplace is a great way to give yourself the ability to be outside on cold evenings without bundling up in blankets. Surrounded by patio furniture, an outdoor fireplace becomes a luxurious location for friends and family to gather. Best of all, natural gas fireplaces don’t require any wood to start. That means you don’t have to collect and chop wood or clean up the ash after a fire. All you have to do is flip the switch to get a nice fire going. This is a very clean, low-maintenance way to enjoy sitting by the fireside – all made possible by your home natural gas! If you don’t already have an outdoor natural gas fireplace, you might consider having one installed as part of your next home remodeling project. You can enjoy it for years and use it as an added amenity if you ever sell your home!

Get Your Pennsylvania Home Natural Gas Service from UGI EnergyLink

What’s the last step in your party planning? Make sure it’s comparing prices for your home natural gas service! A stand-out among PA natural gas companies, UGI EnergyLink gives you the ability to lock in a great low rate so you won’t have to worry about seasonal fluctuations. Compare our price to your current provider and see if you could save money when you switch. If you do decide to switch, all it takes is a quick form and your service won’t be interrupted. Give us a call to learn more or enroll today to get your Pennsylvania home natural gas service from UGI EnergyLink!