Here at UGI EnergyLink we like to think of ourselves as a go-to resource for all of your energy needs. Whether you are looking for advice regarding your energy purchasing or just general information on keeping your home running in the most efficient way, we are here to help. While you may think you know about our company, we can almost guarantee we have more to share. If there are lingering questions that still need answering, continue reading!

First, let’s start with the information that you probably already know about our company.

UGI EnergyLink is a residential natural gas and electric supplier that provides low-cost energy to over nine states in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern regions of the U.S. We are part of UGI Energy Services, LLC, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGI Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. UGI Energy Services began as a small group of just eight employees in 1995, with the vision to find creative ways to procure cost-effective home energy for our customers in the newly deregulated Pennsylvania energy market. We have since grown to 600 employees, and serve customers across the Mid-Atlantic region.

We’re backed by UGI Corporation, a Fortune 500 Company. In other words, we’re not going anywhere. Have the confidence of knowing that you’re building a relationship with a well-established, trustworthy company that will still be around at the end of your contract.

We’ve been doing this for a long time. The UGI Corporation has more than a century of experience in the Energy Industry.

We’ve been doing Energy Choice as long as there has been an Energy Choice. For over 20 years we’ve been in the Energy Choice business, allowing us to expertly navigate the world of Energy Deregulation.

We’re real people. When you work with UGI EnergyLink, you get a team of dedicated individuals who are available to provide one-on-one help. Never speak to a telemarketing company or answering service. Our call center is located at our corporate headquarters in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, just as it has been since our inception.

We’re in the Energy Industry and only the Energy Industry. Unlike other companies that dabble in the energy market, our core business is, and always has been Energy.

We’re your neighbors. As part of UGI Energy Services, our story is one of a local company reaching new heights. We started out as eight employees from the UGI Corporation who sought to establish a new company in the newly- deregulated energy market. By utilizing our vast knowledge of the energy industry and through some creative thinking and a lot of perseverance, our company has grown to be a leading player in Energy Choice.

We’ve invested in energy assets. Because we own our own natural gas storage facilities, electric generation plants, propane air facilities, pipelines, and other infrastructure, UGI EnergyLink is uniquely positioned to navigate the complexities of the electricity and natural gas markets, which means not only cost savings to our customers but also the security of fixed pricing options.

Now, let’s discuss some of the things you may not know about us.

We serve customers in 14 states. Our reach has grown immensely over the years and with that, we have gained experience in various types of markets.

We have dedicated energy professionals located in each of the regions we serve. When we provide information regarding various utilities or areas, we are acting as a first-hand resource in those particular areas. Typically, the energy professional you are working with is either located in the area or close by and has extensive knowledge on the specific utility you are working with.

We care about the community. UGI EnergyLink along with UGI Energy Services continues to support various volunteer initiatives in our communities with exceptional support from our management teams and employees.

We are in the know. The UGI Energy Services organization in particular is comprised of several business units that focus on the unique aspects of our business. We know what is happening in our industry and we are transparent about it with our customers. If there is something occurring in the energy industry, you can be sure that we are already aware and working on it.

We value our employees. Our main goals at UGI are providing a positive experience for our customers and giving our employees the tools to do so. We believe that happy employees who understand their role provide the best experiences for our customers. We invest in our staff and continuously offer new learning opportunities for them to be successful.

We are constantly working on ourselves. As a company, we value growth and experience. We don’t keep doing something just because we’ve always done it. We ensure that our processes, systems, and communication methods are of the highest quality. If we see an area of improvement, we are the first to enlist a team of individuals to elevate our current methods.

We care about you. Our customers have, and always will be our main motivator for doing what we do. As a company that started with only a few individuals, we continue to share the small business mentality with the capability to act as a large corporation.

So what are you waiting for? Come join the UGI family!