Whether your child has just started second grade at Buchanan Elementary or you have a high school student beginning their final year at JP McCaskey, one thing all parents can do now is let out a sigh of relief that school is back in session. But now that the craziness of summer is over in Lancaster, PA, it’s time to settle back into a routine and stick to a regular budget.

However, many expensive holidays follow fall—you have to be sure to budget airfare for Thanksgiving, Christmas gifts for family and friends in December, a nice dinner out on New Year’s Eve, etc. Cutting back on expenses now is a great way to save a little here and there—and saving on your monthly energy bills in Lancaster is a great place to start!

With summer behind us in Central Pennsylvania, there are many easy ways to save on your utility bills—which includes electricity, natural gas, and water. At UGI EnergyLink, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and local community. So, from hints on how your laundry habits affect energy use to switching natural gas providers, here’s a list of tips on saving tips you can easily do inside your Lancaster home:

1. Raise the Thermostat Temperature

After those hot Pennsylvania months, you and your family may be used to having the air conditioner set in the low 70s. While that cool blast of air welcoming you home may feel nice, the beautiful autumn weather of Lancaster allows you to raise the set temperature on your thermostat. Some days may still be steamy throughout September, but there’s no need to keep it cool all day and night.

Now that all the kids are back at school, there’s also no need to run your air conditioner throughout the day. Even better, installing a programmable thermostat can do the job for you—you won’t need to remember to turn up the temperature as your help your kids rush out to their school bus each morning.

Small adjustments for fall weather can have an impact on your utility bill—even if the adjustment is by only one degree! That means less work on your part and more money saved on your monthly energy bills.

2. Wash Laundry with Cold Water

We were all taught growing up that colored clothes use cold water and whites get hot water for loads of laundry. But did you know that a good portion of your energy costs goes toward heating water for your washing machine? By washing more clothes in cold water, you can add on to your energy savings this fall. Washing even your whites on the cold setting can both save energy and protect the fabrics.

As you try to keep up washing soccer jerseys, gym uniforms, and all those new back-to-school clothes from Park City Center, remember that each load you choose to wash on cold can contribute toward saving more on your electric bill.

3. Use the Sun’s Energy and Heat in Your Home

A feature of fall weather that is both loved and complained about is how warm the days are and how chilly the evenings can get. With this great flux in temperature, you can utilize the heat from the sun to warm your home during the day for your family’s game night that evening.

In the summer, it’s crucial to keep your blinds closed during the day to better regular your home’s temperature, but now that fall has arrived, let that sunshine in! During the week, the sun will help warm your home in preparation for an evening filled with pumpkin carving and Halloween costume assembly. You can delay how soon you have to switch over to heating your Lancaster home with this free energy source!

4. Unplug Your Appliances When Not in Use

We’ve all heard this tip told time and again, but it is an important one! Even if your appliances (from DVD players to coffee machines) are turned off, they still pull energy from the outlets when plugged in. Get in the habit to unplug these machines after use. It will only add on seconds to your day-to-day routine, but could take off over a hundred dollars on your utility bills each year. Think about how much money you might be wasting just by leaving your phone chargers plugged in all day and night!

5. Switch to UGI EnergyLink for Residential Natural Gas

Using these tips but still tired of high natural gas bills? Choosing a local natural gas supplier independent from your Lancaster utility company can save you more money—without any service disruptions.

Even though you are welcoming in the month of September, your heating system will be used sooner than you think—Lancaster has seen average lows in the 40s as early as October. If you want to avoid high heating bills early in the season, consider switching local natural gas providers.

Switching to UGI EnergyLink could save you money on your natural gas bills this fall (and year round), plus you’ll be able to lock in a low rate and avoid seasonal fluctuations. The best part, the transition is easy! Switch to UGI EnergyLink today by calling 1-800-797-0712800-797-0712 or filling out the contact form to the right!