Every New York homeowner knows well the struggle to maintain comfortable, low-cost energy consumption. Electricity bills routinely hike; sometimes for easily discernible reasons, and occasionally seemingly out of the blue. Looking for ways to save on your energy bills this year? The experts at UGI EnergyLink are here to clue you in!

Reducing Energy Use and Electricity Costs

The fortunate news is that the majority of energy-saving solutions require little to no investment of time or money. All it takes is a little knowledge:

  • Remove phantom loads. The vast majority of appliances and tools continue to sap up electricity even when they aren’t in use. Unplug unused appliances in your New York home to remove this additional cost, and you could be looking at bills up to ten percent lower. Pay particular attention to appliances that charge when plugged in, and likewise avoid leaving phones on charge after their battery has filled.
  • Maintain heating and cooling systems. The effectiveness of your home’s HVAC systems are directly tied to how well they function. Receiving routine maintenance ensures they provide the comfort you need as efficiently as possible, and can drastically reduce your overall costs.
  • Change to LED lighting. LED lights use on average a tenth of the wattage of an incandescent bulb. Though they cost more upon initial purchase, this cost is quickly offset through sheer energy savings, and additionally LED bulbs will outlast a traditional light by a wide margin.
  • Weatherize your home. By ensuring gaps in windows and doors are properly sealed, you can drastically reduce the amount of thermal bleed your home experiences, ensuring your temperature-controlled air stays where it should be, and reducing the amount of work your HVAC system needs to perform to keep up.
  • Find your off-peak hours. Many utility companies increase cost-rates during what are called “peak hours”. By finding out when these are and avoiding using major appliances during this time, you can find big energy savings on your next electrical bill.

Looking for better electricity solutions for your New York home? Contact UGI EnergyLink today to find out how we can help!