When preparing for a trip, most people are usually thinking ahead. Where will I stay? What activities will I do? What outfits should I pack? But when you go on a summer vacation, it’s also very important to think about what you’re leaving behind—your house. Nobody wants to come back from a relaxing getaway to walk into a house that’s way too hot or cold. An unoccupied house shouldn’t function the same way an occupied one does and with a little extra attention, you can make sure it doesn’t. The simple steps outlined in this summer vacation energy checklist are fairly simple, but they will have a significant impact on your home, your peace of mind, and most importantly, your wallet.

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How to Prepare Your PA Home for a Summer Vacation

Before you zip up the last suitcase and rush out the door, there are some simple steps you should take to make sure your home is ready for your return. You might think your energy bill will be lower when you’re away for several days or weeks, but just because you’re not actively consuming electricity, doesn’t mean you’ll save any money—especially if you don’t fully understand how to decrease the energy consumption in your PA home. Before leaving your home for an extended period of time, you should:

  1. Unplug all electronics. This includes computers, televisions, phone chargers, kitchen appliances, and anything else that can be easily unplugged from an outlet. Even if a phone isn’t actively charging, the charger is still drawing power and consuming electricity. If you have cords plugged into a surge protector, it’s best to unplug those as well before turning the surge protector off.
  2. Turn off any fans. It’s a common misconception that fans cool rooms. The truth is, fans cool So, if nobody is in your home, there is no need to leave your fans on. You can also keep your home cooler by closing any curtains, blinds, or shades while you’re not home.
  3. Adjust your thermostat. This is a big one because you don’t want to just completely turn your air conditioner off while you’re away. Doing so could damage your furniture, your floors, your plants, and your home in general. However, you also don’t want to pay to cool a home for a week while nobody is there to take advantage of it. At UGI EnergyLink, we suggest setting your thermostat to 85 degrees Fahrenheit to save money and reduce the amount of energy used for your home cooling system while you’re away. If you want to ensure your home is at a comfortable temperature the moment you arrive, a programmable thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities will allow you to control and adjust the temperature from your phone.
  4. Use security lights. A dark and unoccupied home can be a welcome invitation for criminals, so many people will opt to leave a light or two on while they’re away. However, this can increase your utility bill and waste unnecessary energy. Instead, try using timed or motion sensitive security lights to protect your home and your wallet.
  5. Set your water heater to vacation mode. This means your water heater will run less frequently so you can save water and money! You can also just adjust the dial on your water heater to a lower setting if you don’t have a vacation mode option.

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