It’s getting chilly in Pennsylvania’s capital and as your family invites friends and relatives in for cookie exchanges, hot cider, and Thanksgiving dinner, that can mean an increase in your heating bill. Not only do you need to crank up the thermostat to combat Harrisburg’s cold November weather, but you always want to ensure that your home is comfortable and welcoming for both you and your guests as “national turkey day” approaches.

So how could you save money on your monthly heating bills and still keep your home heated efficiently and comfortable? Switch to UGI EnergyLink’s home natural gas heating!

Harrisburg, PA has a deregulated residential natural gas market—meaning you and your neighbors can choose your natural gas provider. Numerous residential customers trust us as their natural gas company of choice—we’ve been providing great customer service and dependable pricing for over 127 years!

Your family should be spending money on getting a bigger bird or more stuffing this Thanksgiving, not on shockingly high gas bills. We’re able to offer Harrisburg consumers a pricing choice between fixed and variable rates. If you live on a tight monthly budget, fixed rates deliver peace of mind—and safeguard you from unexpected price increases. If you prefer more flexibility, the variable rate option may be perfect for you. We can work with you to meet your home heating needs and ensure you have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season.

If you already have natural gas lines installed in your home, transitioning to our service is almost as easy as canned cranberry sauce—just fill out a simple enrollment form. All you have to do is provide some basic information and you’ve got UGI EnergyLink to thank for the convenient pricing options.

Natural Gas Heating Is Comfortable and Convenient

As you host friends and relatives from out of town, or from simply across Harrisburg, you’ll want your guests to feel as cozy as possible when they step foot inside your home. Residential natural gas heating produces heat that is between 25 and 35 degrees warmer than heat produced by either oil or propane.

Also, compared to these other heating sources, home natural gas heating does a far better job at evenly distributing heat throughout an entire space—meaning you’ll be just as warm in the kitchen cooking the turkey as your kin sitting in the living room watching the Macy’s Day Parade. Natural gas heating eliminates those pesky hot and cold spots inside a home that are a result of unevenly distributed heat.

Nothing could be worse for your Thanksgiving Day meal than a lack of heating inside your home. Despite violent winter storms that occur in Harrisburg, with home natural gas heating you’ll never run out of fuel – it’s delivered directly to your home via safe, reliable underground pipelines. These underground pipelines eliminate the possibility of supply disruptions that are a result of storms or power outages.

Don’t risk cold guests as you prepare your mashed potatoes; call us to make the switch to home natural gas heating—it’s an easy, sensible change.

Select UGI EnergyLink for Your Harrisburg, PA Natural Gas Service

As you shop for natural gas in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, don’t forget about UGI EnergyLink. We are an experienced supplier that makes switching to our services simple and easy with this enrollment form. This year, you’ll be grateful for the different pricing options we have to offer, and the control you gain over your natural gas services.

Contact us today to sign up! Who knows, after you sign up, you might even have some extra cash to bet on one of the Thanksgiving Day football games!