The cold weather is now here in Pennsylvania, and it’s more important than ever for your heating equipment to function properly. Your water heater is no exception. Imagine your hot water heater breaking down on a cold night, keeping you from showering or running the dishwasher and clothes washer! Having your water heater break down can be a huge hassle, but you can lower the chance of that happening with water heater maintenance. You can also get a water heater service agreement so you are always guaranteed help when you need it!

Water Heater Maintenance

Your water heater is a machine, and it has to be treated like one. This means you need to perform regular water heater maintenance to prevent problems down the road. Depending on what kind of water heater you have (gas, electric, etc.) maintenance varies slightly so you should always read your manual to learn exactly what kind of maintenance is recommended and when it should be done. Your water heater needs to be drained once a year to remove any sediment that has built up in the tank. Carefully follow the instructions in your manual to drain your water heater, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself call an expert to help you. He or she can also check for other problems that aren’t as obvious to someone unfamiliar with water heaters.

Water Heater Service Agreement

It can be extremely frustrating to lose the ability to use your water heater, especially in the winter. With a water heater service plan, you don’t have to worry about being left in the cold! A service agreement will guarantee you water heater service even on nights, weekends and holidays. You never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in your home while you wait for an expert to come fix your water heater. A water heater repair service plan will take away the stress from any breakdown.

Water Heater Service from UGI EnergyLink

UGI EnergyLink provides guaranteed water heater service whenever you need, no matter what day or time it is. You don’t need to scramble to find someone to repair your water heater or wait for days for the repairperson to arrive – with a UGI AdvantageSM Service Agreement we’ll be there for you when you need us. All you have to do is pick up the phone! Our experts will come and fix your problem quickly so you can go back to feeling comfortable in your home.

About UGI EnergyLink

UGI EnergyLink is a premier provider of residential and commercial natural gas in Pennsylvania. With us, you’ll save money on your natural gas bill while still getting the high quality natural gas you’ve come to expect. But we also want to help ensure your heating equipment is always running well for you and your family. With a water heater service agreement from us, you’ll always feel confident you will never have to suffer with a broken water heater. Contact us to sign up for water heater service today!