In a modern home, we utilize electricity and other fuel sources to accomplish nearly everything we do. While access to these fuels is relatively cost-effective and efficient, especially with modern applications and advancements, reducing your use and conserving can still provide ample benefits to both your savings, and our environment.

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Five Great Ways to Reduce Residential Energy Consumption

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  1. Make the change to LED lighting. Compare a 60-watt standard bulb to the LED equivalent and you’re looking at 6-8 watts of power used per bulb or less. By swapping out all of your incandescent lights to LED, you can literally cut your home wattage consumption by hundreds or even thousands. Not only that, but LEDs have an average lifespan of over fifty thousand hours; nearly forty times longer than traditional bulbs.
  2. Unplug unused appliances. Even when your appliances are switched off, they still use small amounts of power. Unplug instead! The biggest offenders are any form of charger, modern televisions, and anything with a digital display.
  3. Optimize home air flow. Keep your HVAC vents open, and avoid closing doors to rooms that have vents. Keeping either of these closed alters the air pressure in your home, and actually makes your AC or heating system work much harder to maintain comfort in your home, vastly increasing energy consumption.
  4. Drop your heating or cooling by a degree or two. Each degree that your HVAC system fights for represents roughly 6-10% increased energy consumption. If you find yourself using a setting of around 72, even knocking it down to 71 can bring you a considerable lower energy consumption rate.
  5. Use cold water when possible. We often use hot water as a default for many tasks that could just as easily be done with cold. Try washing your clothes on the cold setting, and try taking a shower with cold water to watch just how much you will save!