american flag plate on table

We can’t believe that July has officially arrived! Summer is in full swing and we are here for it. With beautiful days and some time out of the office, there are many opportunities for entertaining. We love yard games, burgers on the grill, and everything red, white, and blue. Whether you are hosting a small cookout or a big summer bash, we’re here to help you save energy all while being the perfect host.

Entertaining should be fun, and you don’t need the thought of lingering high energy costs to ruin your party. With the July Fourth weekend drawing near, we hope that you enjoy family, friends, and energy savings as the cherry on top. It’s our wish that you see fireworks, just not when opening your energy bill this month. So sit back, grab a cold beverage, and let us show you why effortless entertaining is this summer’s hottest trend.

  1. Use an outdoor space for your perfect party setting. On a sunny summer day, this should be an easy choice. Ditch the AC and indoor lights and opt for an afternoon in the fresh air. If gathering on a hot day, look for shady areas under umbrellas, awnings, porches, or trees.
  2. Cool down. Don’t get beat by the heat. If you have access to a pool, or even a plastic kiddie pool or sprinkler, this is the time to use it. Get your bathing suits on and make a splash!
  3. Cook strategically. Avoid using large appliances like the oven – not only do they use more energy but they push added heat into your living space. Choose smaller, more efficient appliances like slow cookers or a microwave to heat food. Grilling is the go-to option when cooking for a large group on a nice day. Try to keep the grill away from entrances to your home and your guests to eliminate as much heat as possible. When you can, cook food in batches to avoid turning appliances on and off frequently. Cookouts are also a great time to incorporate cold dishes that do not require heating up such as salads, appetizers, and desserts.
  4. Keep drinks cold in an ice-filled bin. Skip using the fridge to keep beverages cool and instead fill a bucket with ice. Not only does this make it convenient for guests to grab their favorite drink, but you’ll also prevent wasted energy from escaping.
  5. Clean up like a pro. If washing dishes by hand, make sure to scrape off any leftover food into the trash first and use less hot water. If using a dishwasher, try washing full loads of dishes.
  6. Turn down your thermostat. While enjoying time outside, it’s best to lower or even turn off your AC completely. With doors opening and closing, no need to waste energy on cooling the outside.
  7. Utilize window coverings. Energy-efficient curtains or blinds blinds can help keep your house cool so your AC doesn’t have to work overtime (if at all some days). Check out your options and focus on the windows that get the most sun throughout the day.
  8. Use other lighting methods. Some outdoor lighting options such as twinkle and solar lights are not only visually appealing, but they require minimal investment and work on your part. And did we mention the energy savings?

Now you have some tricks up your sleeve to save energy while entertaining. We hope that as you prepare for your next party or gathering, these tips will help make hosting a piece of cake! Don’t sweat it—you have the tools you need to make your event a huge success!

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