Energy deregulation means that you, the consumer and small business owner, can enjoy the freedom to purchase your natural gas or electricity from any energy supplier that you feel best suits your needs. Also referred to as Energy Choice, Energy Deregulation gives you the ability to “shop” for your natural gas and electricity. It is important to find a company that can provide you with the best options, pricing plans, convenience, and flexibility. The deregulation of natural gas and electricity puts the power of choice in your hands. UGI EnergyLink is a reputable company that can help you receive the best options for your business.

How Does Electricity Deregulation Work?
The deregulation of electricity provides consumers with more choices and creates competition among suppliers to keep costs down. The purpose of deregulated electricity is to lower prices and increase customer satisfaction by introducing competition into the marketplace. Most electricity offers are either a fixed pricing option or an indexed (variable) pricing option. Fixed pricing is an excellent option for customers who must meet specific budget criteria with a constant price for a specific period, as it lets you lock in your rates for a specified length of time. Different pricing options offered by UGI EnergyLink are discussed later in this article.

How Does Natural Gas Deregulation Work?
Many business owners choose natural gas as their main source of energy. In Pennsylvania, the government regulated natural gas and business owners had no choice in price, plan, or provider. In 1999, the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was signed into law, which gave Pennsylvania natural gas consumers the right to choose their supplier of natural gas. Other states enacted similar acts around the same time. This deregulation of natural gas provided consumers with more choices and created competition among suppliers to keep costs down. When suppliers have to compete for customers, the price of natural gas is naturally driven down. Before choosing a natural gas supplier, you can now compare the prices and benefits of each company, and make your decision accordingly.

The Benefits of Natural Gas and Electricity Deregulation
Thanks to Natural Gas Choice and Electricity Generation Customer Choice, you have more of a say in choosing the best plan for you and your business — but that is not all! Several benefits of deregulation include:

  • Flexibility — You have the opportunity to shop around, compare rates, and find reliable, quality service that fits your needs. If you ever need to switch companies or find a lower, more affordable rate- that can be done in a deregulated industry.
  • Affordability — Having the ability to compare rates means you can discover and decide on a rate that is within your budget. Often, you can choose a company with fixed rates that will let you lock in a low price.
  • Autonomy — You have the power to choose the energy company you want to work with. If the price or service is not up to par, you can switch providers.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing an Independent Supplier?
If you’re tired of the costly energy bills, or you can’t deal with surprise fees any longer, it’s time for you to take control. By choosing an independent supplier that is separate from your utility provider, you can save money on your monthly utility bills with ease! With natural gas and electricity deregulation, business owners have the autonomy to choose what company supplies their energy. Instead of one set price, you have the opportunity to shop around and find an energy company with a low rate to meet your budget. UGI EnergyLink is the independent supplier for you!

Energy Pricing Options from UGI EnergyLink

  • Fixed Pricing — Set your price in stone with fixed pricing from UGI EnergyLink. Our fixed pricing plans allow you to lock in pricing for an extended timeframe, most typically for one year.
  • Monthly Pricing — In a deregulated market, monthly pricing gives you the flexibility to take advantage of variable market conditions.
  • Winter Lock Program — With UGI EnergyLink’s Winter Lock program, customers are offered great pricing associated with a variable rate. They have the option to lock in their pricing for the cold winter heating months when gas prices tend to be higher and less predictable.

Switching is Easy
Making the switch to a new energy provider couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is sign up here. Once we receive your information, we will make the switch for you and mail you a confirmation that the change has taken place. All you need to do is sit back and wait for your new rate to appear on your utility bill. It really is that easy!