Too often we get asked this question from customers who’ve felt “burned” by another energy company who signed them up for a short introductory period at a great price, and then very conveniently let them move into a variable rate that quickly skyrocketed.  Here at UGI EnergyLink, we aim for straight-forward pricing at all times.

To make sure our customers are never surprised to be moved into a variable rate program, we reach out multiple times with multiple options for locking in your energy rates.

  1. Contract Expiration Notice – Sent 60 to 90 days before your contract expires, we reach out to let you know to be on the lookout for your new offer.
  2. Renewal Offer Letter – Sent out before the expiration of your contract, and with about 3 weeks to respond, the renewal offer gives you one or more options to lock in your pricing for a set period, usually 12, 18, and/or 24 months. At this time you can also opt to move into a variable pricing program, or cancel your service with UGI EnergyLink.
  3. Renewal Offer Email – If we have your email address on file, we will also send you an email with your renewal offer that can be renewed with a couple of clicks from the email.
  4. Renewal Reminder Postcard – We will try to send you a postcard follow-up to also remind you that your renewal deadline is approaching.
  5. Renewal Reminder Email – If we have your email address on file, you will get another email to remind you that it is time to renew your contract.
  6. Confirmation & Second Chance Offer – If you renewed your service, you will receive a written Confirmation from UGI EnergyLink with your new rate, start and end date, and other important information.
    If you did not respond to the Renewal Offer Letter, Email, Reminder Postcard, or Reminder Email by the offer deadline, we will move your account into a variable rate program that can be canceled at any time with no penalty.  You will receive from us a Confirmation stating the terms of the variable contract, along with a Second Chance Offer, which gives you one more chance to lock in your rate for the remainder of the original term.  (I.e. if you had a 12-month offer and missed the deadline, you can still lock in the remaining 10 or 11 months with the Second Chance Offer.)
  7. Winter Lock Offer – Most customers who have chosen a variable rate, or who did not respond to their renewal offers and were put into a variable rate, will receive a Winter Lock offer as well. The Winer Lock Program gives variable rate customers the option to lock in just November through March of their contract – protecting themselves from price increases during the coldest months of the year when prices generally tend to spike.  (Note:  Not all customers will receive a Winter Lock Offer, depending on the timing of their current contract’s start and end date.)

We make all of these efforts to make sure that our customers are well informed, have options, and have several chances to lock in their energy rates.

While other companies may try to trick consumers with introductory rates that spike quickly when you’re not looking, UGI EnergyLink makes every effort to make sure that our customers are well-informed and in charge of their own energy-buying decisions.