You rely on your natural gas each and every day for multiple applications in your home (from heating and cooling your home to providing fuel for your appliances). That means it is important to be aware of how to get the most out of your natural gas, and how to interact with who supplies it.

Working with PA natural gas suppliers is pretty easy and requires just a little knowledge. You might also find some added benefits when it comes to saving money on your energy bills. Get a few helpful tips from UGI EnergyLink to ensure you’re ready to work effectively with any Pennsylvania natural gas supplier!

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Understand Your Natural Gas Bill

Sending you a bill for natural gas use is standard procedure for natural gas suppliers. Although the layout of the bill may vary between companies, there is some standard information you can find regardless of the company. This includes how much natural gas you used during the last measurement period and the money you owe.

If you happen to be a homeowner, you will also see the natural gas measured most likely in “ccf,” which represents hundreds of cubic feet. So if your bill says you used five ccf, that means you used 500 cubic feet of natural gas.

Businesses may see their natural gas measured in “mcf,” which represents thousands of cubic feet. So if your bill says you used five mcf, that means you used 5,000 cubic feet of natural gas. PA natural gas suppliers will use the “ccf” or “mcf” measurements on your bill.

Know How to Compare Natural Gas Rates

If you are unhappy with your natural gas price, you are free to switch to a different provider – that’s the point of a deregulated market for natural gas in PA! There are many Pennsylvania natural gas suppliers, so you have a good number of options to choose from.

Comparing rates between PA natural gas suppliers is pretty stress-free – just grab your bill and look for your current price per ccf or mcf. Then you can visit the websites of other Pennsylvania natural gas companies or give them a call to see if they can offer you a lower rate. It’s relatively easy for anyone to shop for natural gas in PA.

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Recognize Seasonal Natural Gas Price Changes

As you are likely aware, the price of natural gas tends to fluctuate with demand. That means you might not be able to anticipate the cost of your natural gas since the price changes with some frequency. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this!

Some PA natural gas suppliers, like UGI EnergyLink, offer you the ability to lock in one low price, so you won’t see a sudden jump in your natural gas cost from one season to the next. You’ll be able to estimate your cost based on your usage without too much trouble. Locking in a low rate could save you money as you are able to avoid sudden price increases that come with the seasons.

Not all Pennsylvania natural gas companies offer this option, but UGI EnergyLink does. Simply complete our enrollment form to begin the process of locking in a low fixed rate for your residential or commercial natural gas supply.

UGI EnergyLink Stands Out from Other PA Natural Gas Suppliers

Working with PA natural gas suppliers is a seamless process when you choose UGI EnergyLink. We allow you to lock in a low price that won’t fluctuate with the seasons.

Compare our rate to your current provider and see if you could save money by switching to us! You won’t experience any disruption in service – all it takes for most people is a quick phone call or completion of our short online form. Enroll with us today!