Commercial Natural Gas

Deregulation offers you the freedom to choose the company that provides your natural gas needs. You can switch to a Natural Gas Supplier (NGS) that provides an affordable commodity price for a specific period and offers the security of locking in your rates to avoid the risk associated with changing energy markets.

In 1999, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act into law, which gave Pennsylvanian’s the right to choose a supplier of their choice for natural gas. Around this same time, UGI Corporation, who’d already been in the energy industry since the 1800’s, began working in the Energy Choice business too.

This deregulation of natural gas provides consumers with more choices and creates competition among suppliers to keep costs down.

What does Natural Gas Deregulation Mean to You?

Retail natural gas means that you, the consumer, can enjoy the freedom and the ability to purchase your natural gas from any natural gas company you feel best suits your needs. Finding a company that delivers you the best options, pricing plans, convenience, and the flexibility is essential when choosing a natural gas supplier. This puts the power of choice in the consumer’s hands.

The Benefits of Natural Gas Deregulation

With natural gas deregulation, you have more of a say in choosing the best plan for you and your household – but that’s not all! Several benefits of natural gas deregulation include:

  • Flexibility – When natural gas is deregulated, you have the opportunity to shop around, compare rates and find reliable, quality service that fits your needs. If you ever need to switch companies or find a lower, more affordable rate, which that can be done in a deregulated industry.
  • Affordability – having the ability to compare rates means you can decide on a rate and length of service that meets your needs. Often, you can choose a company with fixed rates that will let you lock in an affordable rate for a specific length of time.
  • Autonomy – You have the power to choose your energy company. If the price, service or care is not up to par, you can shop elsewhere. (Please note the Terms and Conditions of your contract, before switching suppliers, as termination charges may apply.)
Commercial Natural Gas Infographic