Understanding Your Commercial Energy Bill

Consolidated Billing occurs when the utility’s bill contains both the utility’s charges for its services and the energy supplier’s charges for the electricity or natural gas. Most UGI EnergyLink customers will receive one consolidated bill from their local utility company. These charges should be paid directly to the utility.

Dual Billing occurs when a customer receives one bill from the utility and one bill from the supplier. This is not double billing. The utility sends a bill for the charges on the utility side, and the supplier sends a bill for the charges on the supplier side. You will see that the utility is not charging you for the commodity (the electric or gas consumption that you actually used), but you will still see other charges from the utility such as customer charge, distribution Charge, and migration rider (if applicable).

Below is a list of charges you may see on your energy bills. Charges may vary based on the state and utility company, and on the type of contract you have.

Charges from your Utility Company

Customer Charge- Utilities charge for billing, maintaining lines or pipes, and meter reading.

Distribution Charge- The charge of delivery of natural gas through the utility lines to the customer meter.

Migration Rider– LDC does Change Migration rider which is equal to a GCA (Gas Cost Adjustment) This rider is applicable to some utilities for 12 months. Please check with your local Utility about this charge.

Charges from UGI Energy Services (DBA UGI EnergyLink)

Charges can vary depending on what type of contract you have. Meter reading will be provided by your local Utility Company.

Commodity Charges – The cost of the electricity or natural gas itself.

Customer Charge – Charge to cover the cost of billing and customer account maintenance.

Please click on Utility for a copy sample bill from your Utility provider

Utility Name State Commercial/Residential Gas/Electric
Atlantic Electric NJ Commercial Electric
Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E) MD Commercial Electric
Baltimore Gas & Electric (BG&E) MD Commercial Gas
Boston Gas MA Commercial Gas
Central Hudson NY Commercial Gas
Chesapeake/Eastern Shore DE Commercial Electric
Chesapeake/Eastern Shore MD Commercial Gas
Colonial MA Commercial Gas
Columbia of MD MD Commercial Gas
Columbia of OH OH Commercial Gas
Columbia Of PA PA Commercial Gas
Columbia Of VA VA Commercial Gas
Consolidated Edison NY Commercial Gas
Corning NY Commercial Gas
Delmarva Power and Light DE Commercial Electric
Delmarva Power and Light MD Commercial/Residential Electric
Dominion East Ohio OH Commercial Gas
Duquesne Light PA Commercial Electric
Elizabethtown Gas (E-town) NJ Commercial Gas
Equitable PA Commercial Gas
JCPL NJ Commercial Electric
Met Ed PA Commercial Electric
National Grid NY Commercial Gas
Natural Fuel NY NY Commercial Gas
Natural Fuel PA PA Commercial Gas
NJ Natural NJ Commercial Gas
North Carolina Natural Gas NC Commercial Gas
Orange & Rockland NY Commercial Gas
PECO PA Commercial Electric
PECO PA Commercial Gas
Penelec PA Commercial Electric
Penn Power PA Commercial Electric
Peoples Natural Gas PA Commercial Gas
Pepco DC Commercial Electric
Pepco MD Commercial/Residential Electric
PSE&G NJ Commercial Electric
PSE&G NJ Commercial Gas
Philadephia Gas Works (PGW) PA Commercial Gas
Piedmont Natual Gas Company NC Commercial Gas
Potomac MD Commercial Electric
PPL PA Commercial Electric
PSNC NC Commercial Gas
Rochester Gas & Electric NY Commercial Gas
South Jersey Gas NJ Commercial Gas
UGI Choice PA Commercial/Residential Gas
UGI Electric PA Commercial Electric
UGI PNG PA Commercial/Residential Gas
Valley City NY Commercial Gas
Virginia Natural Gas MD Commercial Gas
Virginia Natural Gas VA Commercial Gas
Washington Gas & Light (WG&L) DC Commercial Gas
Washington Gas & Light (WG&L) MD Commercial Gas
Washington Gas & Light (WG&L) VA Commercial Gas
West Penn Power PA Commercial Electric

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