Shopping cart full of gift boxes and a Christmas tree.

The gift-giving season is in full swing. While you make your lists, visit the mall, and sort through the same stores you’ve been to a dozen times, why not think about approaching the holidays differently? Candles and sweaters are nice, but will they save your loved ones money or benefit the planet? This holiday season, give the gift of energy savings with UGI EnergyLink’s energy-efficient gift guide.

LED Bulbs

Have you ever visited a friend or family member’s house and noticed their lamps or lighting fixtures are from the last century? Chances are their bulbs are too. Replace their incandescent lights with LEDs, and you’ll automatically be gifting them an energy savings of up to 90%. Lighting accounts for around 15% of an average home’s electricity use, and the average household saves about $225 in annual energy costs by using LED lighting.

Portable Phone Charger

We take our cell phones everywhere – so, your loved one likely does, too. There’s nothing worse than being out and about and having your phone die – but with this gift, it doesn’t have to! Just plug your phone into the compact rechargeable battery pack and keep scrolling. Now, you don’t have to plug your phone in at home!

Wireless Speaker

Who doesn’t love rocking out to music? A wireless speaker is the perfect energy-efficient gift for music lovers, movie buffs, and more. On average, ENERGY STAR-certified wireless speakers use 45% less energy and still deliver the latest technology and quality.

Smart Thermostat

According to ENERGY STAR, almost half of an average American household’s annual energy bill goes toward heating and cooling – more than $900 a year. Smart thermostats offer auto-scheduling, energy reports, movement sensors, air filter reminders, and more, so your loved one can be as energy-efficient as possible this holiday season!


You can never have too many blankets! When you give your loved ones this cozy present, they can wrap themselves in comfort and save on energy costs by turning the heat down a few degrees. Check out this smart heated blanket – it’s Wi-Fi compatible and allows you to turn it on with your phone.

Smart Power Strips

It may not be the most exciting present. Still, your loved one will be grateful for this energy-efficient gift after learning that about 10% of an energy bill can be attributed to phantom loads – energy used when plugged-in electronics are not in use. For the average American household, that equates to about $200 a year in wasted energy. This helpful infographic from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory outlines the types of smart power strips and their features.


Tablets are the gift that keeps on giving – allowing users to search the web, watch their favorite shows, scroll through social media, and so much more. But not all tablets are created equal! Tablets that are ENERGY STAR-certified use four times less energy than streaming to a laptop and 15 times less than a desktop computer.

As you navigate the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, consider elevating your gift-giving game with practical and energy-efficient gifts. Embrace the spirit of giving while promoting sustainability, so loved ones remember this holiday season for the warmth of your presents and the lasting impact on energy efficiency.

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