A home energy plan is a necessity for any homeowner. But do you know which plan works best for your needs? In addition to being an experienced and knowledgeable company, UGI EnergyLink offers a variety of pricing options to allow you to choose which plan works best for you.

UGI EnergyLink Plans

  • Preferred Fixed Rate: This plan helps you confidently budget for your energy expenses while adding predictability and affordability to your costs. The fixed-rate begins on the next available date and continues for the length of the term, typically 12 months. Early cancellation fees may apply.
  • Monthly Variable Rate: This option gives you the freedom of market pricing for a 12-month term. With this plan, you receive specified pricing for the initial billing cycle only, and prices change each month based on current market rates. The price also includes a pass-through charge of all wholesale energy costs incurred by UGI EnergyLink.
  • Winter Lock Program: Our Winter Lock Program is available seasonally—November through March—for natural gas customers only. The price is locked within the winter service period of four months.

Independent Supplier Benefits

Thanks to natural gas deregulation—a policy that went into place after the Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act was signed into law in 1999—homeowners in Pennsylvania are allowed to choose which company supplies their natural gas. Instead of getting one set price, homeowners have the opportunity to shop around and find an energy company that fits their needs and their budget.

Natural gas can be budget-friendly and keep your home comfortable, but it can often come at a steep price when working with a utility provider. By choosing an independent natural gas supplier separate from your utility provider, you can easily save money on your monthly utility bills.

Now is the perfect time to switch to natural gas with UGI. Not only is it cleaner compared to oil and propane, but it is also more affordable. With UGI EnergyLink’s competitive pricing options, you can avoid being surprised by high energy costs and instead know what to expect when your monthly energy bill comes.

To discover more benefits of using natural gas, understanding the value of switching energy suppliers, and more, download our free Home Energy Guide.

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