Residential Winter Lock Program

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Neighborhood streets covered in winter snowWhen winter hits, will you be ready? Act now to prevent unexpected winter heating costs. With UGI EnergyLink’s Winter Lock Program, we ensure your home’s natural gas prices are locked in at a reasonable rate so you can be better prepared to handle the winter months.

How It Works

Many customers choose to take advantage of the great rates that come with variable pricing for most of the year, but like the security of locking in a price during the high-demand winter months, when your heating bill can increase rapidly.

Since the demand for natural gas is lower during the summer months, now is a great time to take advantage of market conditions and lock in a price to get you and your family through the winter.

By locking in your rate for your home’s natural gas needs during the winter months, you will benefit from price security and the protection you need against the rising cost of natural gas during the coldest months (generally November to March).

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